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10 Amazing Apple Recipes

We have tons and tons and tons of apples this year. We're starting out with Gravensteins, but we will have more varieties later. We've got them by the box and by the pound, and we even have u-picks! Well, what do you do with that many apples? Here are 10 ideas for you...

Stuffed Summer Squash Recipe

I am not a huge fan of summer squash. But the plants grow so well and make so many, I always feel the need to experiment and find more uses for the squash. This one is a winner! The summer squash has a really mild, kind of fruity flavor that is amazing paired with the...

Sparkler Treats for the 4th of July!

There aren't a lot of strawberries left, so go get 'em quick to make this treat for the 4th of July! These are super easy to make and they'll make s huge splash at your 4th of July party! All you need is a package of milk chocolate chips, some star shaped marshmallows...

Here we are!

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