Beef Shares

Beef Shares at Bernards Farm

From time to time, we butcher several of our pastured cows and offer shares to our customers. Our beef cows are allowed to roam a large field, eating grass and frolicking to their heart’s delight. They never receive hormones or antibiotics and are pasture and excess farm produce fed
Cows will be butchered as shares for each one is accounted for- if you don’t want a whole one, find a friend and split one!

We are only selling the beef by whole cow or half a cow. A half cow will only be butchered when both halves are spoken for. Butchering will be done by Ben’s Custom Cut in Dayton OR. Beef costs $2.95 per lb.

1/2 cow: approximately 300-400 lbs hanging weight (150-200lbs meat)
whole cow; approximately 600-800 lbs hanging weight – (300-400lbs meat)

Price does not include .58/lb cut and wrap fees or $30 per cow butcher fee. How the beef is cut is up to the shareholder.

Please call the farm at (503) 472-4933 or use the contact form below for more information.


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We are closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day